Emma Galloway. Chair.

Emma Galloway

What does your role within the BVT involve? As Vice Chair I step in when the chair is not available and help to make sure meetings run smoothly. I’m also involved in helping to develop the strategy of Balerno Village trust and am the Board rep on the Farmers Market Subgroup which organises the monthly Farmers Market.

When did you join the BVT? October 2014

Why did you get involved and what do you enjoy most about being part of the BVT? I got involved in Balerno Village Trust because it combines two of my passions in life – Community and Social Enterprise. Fundamentally I believe that people need other people to thrive and communities are ideally placed to reduce isolation. I want to do my bit to keep Balerno a fantastic place to live and work. One of the best things about being involved in BVT is the people you meet – both on the committee, fellow volunteers and just standing in the street at the Farmers market.

What are your favourite things about Balerno and the local areas? I absolutely love the hills and the surrounding fields, the fact that whilst we are near to the city we can leave it all behind.

How do you spend your time outwith your BVT role? I’ve spent all of my working life working with Charities and Social Enterprises. A year ago I became a freelance consultant specialising in Social Enterprise, but prior to that I was Chief Exec of a charity that worked with excluded people. I have many hats – in addition to BVT I am also Chair of Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network and Chair of Edinburgh Food Project, which runs Foodbanks in Edinburgh feeding over 5,000 people. I am also a board member of Comfort Rwanda and Congo and have visited both countries on many occasions. In what spare time I have I play in a Ceilidh Band called Sporrandipity and run half-marathons (you’ll often find me in the hills of Balerno. I am also a member of St Mungo’s Church in Balerno.