Clare Flenley. Development Manager.

Clare2What does your role within the BVT involve? I work with the staff team and volunteers to run BVT’s projects and events. Right now I’m really involved with trying to get Ravelrig Walled Garden redeveloped into a Community Garden.

When did you join the BVT? September 2014

Why did you get involved and what do you enjoy most about being part of the BVT? I enjoy getting involved in the huge range of activities in Balerno. One day its Apple Day, the next it’s the Farmers Market, Harlaw Hydro or the Playground Improvement Project – there’s so much going on!

What are your favourite things about Balerno and the local areas? There’s a great community spirit here, and it’s a pleasure to work with so many people who really care about their village, their fellow community members, and their environment.

How do you spend your time outwith your BVT role? I like to spend time in the countryside with my family, and although we live in Edinburgh, we often come up to the Pentlands to walk and cycle. My daughters love picking the brambles and wild blueberries on the hills.