Best Dressed Tattie Competition, Saturday 12th March

This Saturday bring your creative tatties down to Ogston Hall to celebrate Balerno Tattie Day with our inaugural Best Dressed Tattie Competition (yep, you read that right).

Anything goes. Turn your tattie into whatever you want. Your humble spud could become an alien, a rockstar, dog, dinosaur, sheep, fairy, tractor, even a house or your Dad! Create whatever your imagination allows.

Use paints, straws, pens, glitter, pipe cleaners, paper, cotton wool, stickers, googly eyes. Basically use whatever you like, anything goes! So long as you use a potato we’re happy. If you don’t have time to make a tattie creation this week you can make your own at the children’s craft table in Ogston Hall on Saturday morning.

Bring your Best Dressed Tattie entries down to Ogston Hall from 10am on Saturday 12th March. Judging and prize giving will be at 1230 so please stick around.

There are 3 categories for Best Dressed Tattie entries.

  1. Those not yet in primary 1
  2. Primary 1 to primary 4
  3. Primary 5 and above

Best Dressed Tattie Competition

We look forward to seeing your amazing tattie creations!