Proposal for Development of the Main Street Beds in Balerno

Mainstreet Design

Illustrated Section of the Main Street Beds plan [Follow the link at the end of this post for a full plan]

The aim is to achieve a simple cottage garden effect, achieving year-round colour, and plants that are loved by bees and butterflies as well as by the people of Balerno. Everyone who wants to is encouraged to contribute ideas, plants and time, in order to grow plants for the enjoyment of all.

This planting plan [above] will be used as a guide, but the actual garden will evolve and will constantly change, though the general effect will be that of an informal cottage garden. Key aspects of the project are:
– The garden will incorporate a memorial tree to the late Tom McCall.
– The garden is also likely to include a structure to support climbing plants somewhere in the middle.
– The mood board (coming soon) shows many of the plants we think would suit the beds.
– The group undertakes to do its best to ensure the garden is not left denuded of plants or full of weeds.

There will be a consultation with the people of Balerno, starting at the next farmer’s market and also using social media, to learn what people would like to see there, and to encourage people to contribute their time and spare plants. We are also keen to work with businesses, educational establishments and others in and around the Main Street and further afield to encourage them to take part.

– If you wish contact us regarding the Main Street Gardening project, don’t hesitate to email:, or call 0131 477 778 (Mon-Thur).
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A link to the full illustrated plan can be found by clicking here.

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Tesco have very kindly donated money from the 5% plastic bag tax towards the development of Main Street.

Written by Josephine Bisacre, BVT Board Member, and the Main Street Gardening Team.
The illustrated plan was generously produced for us by Andy Nevin.