Scarecrows 2021!

This year’s Scarecrow Competition is here! Last year’s winners are below, they were amazing and were totally made from recycled materials as we could not offer straw. Details of this year’s competition are below.

So, this year we are teaming up with Balerno Children’s Gala. As they are unable to have the usual Float or Gala Day, we are offering an extra category. As well as/or instead of entering as an individual, you can get together with your neighbours and enter as a group for your street! We know that lots of WhatsApp groups have been created during lockdown so here is your chance to work together as a team – please ensure that you remain socially distanced when doing so! You can still enter as an individual if you prefer. You can make your scarecrow using straw (details for sale below) or using recycled materials. Rules and dates are below:

Entry Rules:

You must be a resident of Balerno to enter.

Saturday 8th May – Straw will sold from the Balerno Children’s Gala stall at the Farmers Market from 9am – 1pm at the cost of £5 for a large binbag. There are limited bags available. However if you prefer not to use straw then you can use your own materials. If there is straw leftover after the Market this will be made available via the Balerno Farmers Market Facebook page or by emailing and we will arrange delivery to you.

You can fill in an entry form at the Market or send your details to Please send a note of your name, address and contact number.  Please let us know if you are happy to be added to our mailing list. We will confirm receipt of your email within 24 hours. If you don’t receive an email please call Val on 07505 134506 to check receipt. Balerno Village Trust are not responsible for incorrect details received or emails not received within the timescale on the entry conditions.

Deadline for entries is 5pm on Friday 21st May.

Maps of the sites for Scarecrows will be available online from Monday 24th May and paper copies will be available from the Balerno Hardware shop.

Scarecrows have to be ready for the public’s viewing pleasure and judging/photographing from noon on Saturday 29th May – 5pm on Sunday 30th May. The Gala Court will be judging the best group entry. Individual entries will be judged by public vote. You can of course leave your scarecrow out for longer if you wish!

  Photographs of the individual scarecrow entries will be posted on Balerno Farmers Market, Balerno Village Trust Facebook pages and this website for voting from Monday 31st May until 5pm on Saturday 5th June, voting slips will also be available from Balerno Hardware. No personal details will be published with the photos. You can register your vote by ‘liking’ the scarecrow of your choice on facebook or by emailing your vote to

Individual winners will be announced at the Farmers Market at 12.30pm on Saturday 12th June. Prizes include a specially commissioned trophy kindly donated by Harmonies in Wood, sweeties and certificates.

The winner and runners up must consent to their name and winning scarecrow photo being made public on social media and in the local newspaper.