Your Community and Schools need your voice!

Last autumn CEC published the Edinburgh West and South West Schools Review. At present there is a significant anomaly in the Balerno schools’ catchment areas in that they do not include a large part of Balerno, almost everything east of Station Loan is in Currie Primary and Currie High Schools’ catchment areas.

The proposals in the review would rectify the catchment area anomaly which is good. However, the proposed closure of Currie High School and Wester Hailes Education Centre threatens to tear the heart out of two communities; the closure of the recently opened Woodlands School which works very well with Currie High School is also in the proposal.

CEC has been conducting a series of reviews with parent groups and latterly some community groups but discussion in Balerno has been relatively low key. Currie and Juniper Green have launched a vigorous ‘Save our School’ campaign and almost inevitably some have said why not close Balerno High School instead. There have been a considerable number of comments on the council’s website but very few from Balerno residents.

During the consultations two alternative proposal have been aired so three proposals for South West Schools are now in the public domain.
1. The council’s proposal which includes closing Currie High and Wester Hailes Education Centre.
2. Retain all schools on their existing sites refurbishing or rebuilding as required;
3. Amalgamate Currie HS and Balerno HS in a new building on the existing Currie HS site.

BVT has written to Councillor Perry emphasising the importance of the three schools to their communities, click here to read it, but more is needed. We need a loud Balerno voice not only supporting our schools and the revised catchment area but also strongly supporting the retention of the other high schools. So click on and add your comments to the list and write to your councillors, MSPs and MP too.