Ravelrig Walled Garden

In 2010, BVT was identified by the land owner and others as a potential lease-holder for the Walled Garden at Ravelrig.  A meeting was called by Balerno Community Council, which two BVT Directors attended, to look at the proposed handover of adjacent land to Ravelrig RDA (which has since taken place) and a proposed long lease to BVT to manage the Walled Garden.

Hands On gardeningFormal discussions are continuing at present with the landowner regarding taking on a lease of the property, with a view to offering allotment plots of various sizes, communal services, a community garden and the re-establishment of fruit trees around the walls. If successful BVT will take possession of the garden and will consult on and publicise its proposals for developing the Walled Garden.

The Garden could accommodate a mixture of allotment plots with a community garden. The garden will eventually be managed by its own management group comprising the community gardeners, allotment holders and BVT.