Richard Henderson. Company Secretary.

Richard2What does your role within the BVT involve? Supporting the Board as best I can across the complete range of its responsibilities and activities.

When did you join the BVT? I rejoined BVT in about 2011/12

Why did you get involved and what do you enjoy most about being part of the BVT? I was originally involved in establishing Balerno Village Conservation and Development Forum in 2003. The original aim was to encourage regeneration of the Village and in particular the Main Street area.

What are your favourite things about Balerno and the local areas? I’ve lived here for 44 years; it’s home. It’s a friendly place with a lot going on.

How do you spend your time outwith your BVT role? I am retired and therefore have time to commit to other charitable type activities. I am Chair of Balerno Community Council, which originally established the BVCDF in 2003. I am convener of the Fellowship Committee at Balerno Parish Church (BPC is the principal partner in the Balerno Music Festival). When the weather is fine and warm I can be tempted to the odd game of golf.